Welcome to Clare Primary School

respect, doing your best, fairness ...

responsibility, co-operation, honesty ...

honesty and caring.

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Clare Primary School, a Foundation to Year 6 school, with approximately 230 students from both the Clare township and surrounding areas. Clare Primary School incorporates a Regional Special Education class, our “Star Room”, for students with special needs. All special education students are also assigned to a mainstream class with regular involvement to support their learning, social and emotional needs.

We have a strong focus on providing a safe, secure and supportive learning environment for every child. All children are viewed with unconditional positive regard and experience successes in their learning and wellbeing.

We have a strong commitment to ensuring that every child develops a strong sense of attachment and identity within the school and that they have the opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability. Learning is our core focus.

The Clare Primary School community is committed to creating a culture of inclusiveness, care and engagement. All our staff are trained in Positive Education principles and trauma-informed practices. We also utilise Berry Street Educational Model methodologies.

At the heart of our school’s culture is ‘Work Hard and Be Kind’. This guiding principle underpins the manner in which we treat others and ourselves; we strive to cultivate positive work habits, build resilience, develop growth mindsets and learn from our mistakes.

Our school’s value system also consists of seven core values. They are:

  • Respect
  • Doing your best
  • Fairness
  • Responsibility
  • Co-operation
  • Honesty
  • Caring

Clare Primary School is located on spacious, tree-lined grounds, with opportunities for structured, unstructured and nature play activities.  A large covered structure allows year-round outdoor play and movement opportunities. All classrooms are well-maintained facilities and equipped with interactive technologies that support a wide range of learning styles and programs.

Prospective and interested parents are invited to make an appointment with the principal for a school tour where they can find out more about the learning programs, facilities and school culture that enables every child to be happy, engaged and successful.

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