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Junior Primary

Preparing For School

This is a very exciting time for you and your child.
When a child begins school, two of the most important influences;
 - The family
 - The school
begin to share the responsibility for their child's future development.

During the last term of kindergarten children and parents visit the school on a series of transition visits to suit the needs of the children.

Reception Intakes

We have four intakes of children who have recently turned five.
Children may begin school on the first day of each term.

New Reception intake children will attend school for four full days per week (M.T.Th.F.) in their first term of school. When there is a public holiday or Pupil Free Day all reception children will attend for the other four days. eg. Public holiday on Thursday, ie. children will attend M.T.W.F.

Children who turn six during their first term at school must attend for five days per week beginning the week after their birthday.

How long will children be in Junior Primary?

Depending on the date of admission, the progress of children through Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will follow these patterns.

Term 1 admission
12 terms (ie., 3 years)

Term 2 admission
11 terms

Term 3 admission
Usually 14 terms (see note below)

Term 4 admission
13 terms

Special note re Term 3 admission:-
Each child will spend 14 terms as a Junior Primary student.

In exceptional cases the length of time that particular children will spend in the Junior Primary may be varied through discussion with Parents, Teachers and Principal, with advice from Guidance Officer or other professionals who may bring information relevant to the child's potential and ability.